5 Reasons Video Helps SEO Ranking

by | Jul 6, 2022

5 reasons video helps seo rankings

Creating video content for your business has so many benefits. Video allows you to clearly communicate with your audience, boosting sales, building trust, and much more. However, there is one specific benefit that should not be overlooked. Search engines love videos! But why is that? Here are 5 reasons why video can help get you on the front page of Google.

Google’s Ranking Algorithm Favors Video

It’s true, including a video in a blog post or on the homepage of your website immediately helps it rank higher than a page without a video. “So why can’t I put the same short video on all of my web pages?” Well, it is important to understand that Google ranks your page based on the quality of your content and its relevance to the original search terms by the user. Having a low-quality video that is irrelevant to the information on your page or blog post won’t increase your ranking. 

Let’s use a blog post as an example. Picture two very well-written articles that have the exact same information on them. However, one of the blog posts is simply text and the other post included a video about the subject. When Google scans both pages, it will notice that one of the blog posts uses different types of media that are relevant to the user’s search. Thus, Google will reward the post with a video higher in the rankings. 

At the end of the day, Google wants to give the most correct and relevant information to a searcher. If you want to learn more about Google’s search algorithm, click here!

Video Creates Traffic

Another way Google and other search engines will determine your search ranking is by the amount of incoming traffic coming to your site. Video is known for generating traffic for websites, especially when viewers are watching on Youtube or other social media platforms. A website visitor is far more likely to come from a video than any other source!

When a website has a consistently high amount of traffic, Google will assume those users are coming for a reason. This gives them justification to send similar users to your website as well. 

Businesses today are creating as much video content as possible for this reason alone. The video draws traffic, and traffic will put you on the front page of Google.

Video Lowers Bounce Rate

When people finally reach your website, Google monitors how long they stick around and what they do on your site. The reasoning behind this is search engines want to make sure your page/content is providing a solution for the user. A website or blog that has most users leaving after a few seconds tells Google that they are going to look for answers elsewhere.

This is where video can greatly improve SEO. Videos keep users on your page longer, which in turn tells Google you must be doing something right! It makes sense right? A website that has a longer average session duration (how long a user stays on your site) will be more favorable than a website where users leave rather quickly.

At the very least, you need to know that video lowers bounce rate because users will spend more time on the page watching that video. A low bounce rate is a sign of great content to Google and other major search engines.

Videos Get Shared/Linked More Often

Having quality backlinks is another great determining factor for high search engine rankings. The more people you get to share your content, the more credible you are to Google. Video is much more likely to get back-linked than a normal blog or webpage because of the more engaging aspect video content has to offer. 

There is actually another great indirect advantage of this as well. When more people link to your content, you will also see more traffic come to your website as well. As mentioned earlier, Google loves websites with tons of traffic! That is why video content can exponentially increase your web page in search rankings.

Videos Are All Over The Search Results Page

Pay attention to the search results page the next time you look up something on Google. You’ll notice that most of the time the page will be covered with videos. 

Check out this example when I looked up “How to tie a tie?”

How To Tie A Tie Search Results

Isn’t that crazy? The first result was a video! That’s because Google has been implementing more and more video “rich snippets” in their search results. 


At this point, you should be very familiar with the ways video increases search ranking. However, you need to make sure the quality of your video content is acceptable as well. Below are a couple other helpful articles that can help you with just that.

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