Our Mission

Increase Your Impact.

There are people in the world who could benefit from your product or service, if only they knew about you. We’re passionate about using video to connect people with your brand so you can do what you do best: solve their problems.

Meet the Team

A team is only as strong as its weakest member. That’s why we hire intentionally based on our core values. Our team members are the best of the best; eager to serve and always ready to grow.

Ethan Painter

Founder & Visionary

Jen Geller

Operations Manager & Integrator

Isaac Painter

Director Of Photography

Maxwell Beals

Production Assistant

Jon Fournier

Director Of Marketing

Our Values


People matter most. Our desire to care for our customers drives everything we do. We only partner with people who care deeply about serving their customers with excellence. This ensures the cycle of care continues throughout the entire chain of service.


We are committed to doing what is right, at all times, no matter what.


There’s no such thing as good enough. At times the pursuit of excellence can be exhausting. There is always an easier way, but we choose to take the path less traveled. In every video we create we go above and beyond to ensure the quality is something you can be proud of.


The world is a better place when people do what they say they will do. We think carefully before saying “yes” to anything so that we know we we can follow through 100%.


Bad things happen. But we choose to see the good things in life. We have a zero tolerance policy on negativity.


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