Using Your Phone To Shoot Video

by | Jun 2, 2022

Many business owners believe they cannot shoot video content for their brand because they do not have professional camera equipment. However, most of us have a very powerful camera right in our pockets that we often overlook. If you are unsure of whether or not you should pursue using video in your marketing strategy click here to learn more.

I have already written about the three fundamentals that make a great video. Those three fundamentals still apply. Good audio, lighting, and storytelling should be at the core of your video.

Now let’s jump into four practical steps for shooting video with a phone. 

Step 1: Resolution

Make sure your phone is in the highest resolution setting it can shoot in. This will ensure maximum quality and sharpness. Generally this will be 4K. As far as a frame rate goes I recommend shooting in 24fps because that is cinema standard in the west.

Step 2: Lighting 

Phone cameras typically do not have the same dynamic range that professional cameras have. Dynamic range is the camera’s ability to expose for the highlights and shadows evenly.

Because phone cameras can not do this as proficient as a professional camera you should avoid harsh lighting situations and/or backlighting your subject. Find somewhere with lots of light and shoot your video there.

Step 3: Audio

Most phones have decent microphones. But they will still not perform well under any windy conditions. There are many microphones that plug directly into your phone’s charging port that instantly give you high quality audio. Here are some examples: (add amazon links and photo)

Links: Shure MV88 ($149.00), Ttstar Clip On Mic ($24.99)

Step 4: Clean Your Lens

Although this is a very simple tip, you would be surprised how many greasy oils get on your phone lens. By simply wiping off your phone camera lenses with your shirt before you shoot you can eliminate a blurry and hazy image.

Getting More In-depth

To get the most out of your phone camera I recommend using the third party app called Moment. It is free and really unlocks your phone’s potential. This app lets you have full granular control of your phone camera. If you use the stock camera app on your phone the computer will be making all exposure decisions for you. This can be a good thing if you don’t want to learn the rules of exposure for videography. With the app installed you can now have the power to do things like manually focus, control aperture, ISO, shutter speed, and your color profile. 

Using this app can really unlock the potential of higher quality video on your phone. 


By following these few simple steps you can start implementing video into your marketing strategy all with the power of your phone.


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