4 Things To Keep In Mind When Planning Your Shoot Day

by | May 9, 2023

As the date for your shoot day approaches, it’s important to start preparing to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of the shoot and you get the most value out of it. We understand that the shoot day can be a little nerve-wracking, especially if it’s your first time on camera. 

That’s why we have created this guide to help you prepare for the shoot day and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

From making a written schedule to ensuring a quiet on-set environment, these tips will help you get the most out of your video shoot. We want to make sure that you feel confident and comfortable during the process, and that we capture the best possible footage to tell your story.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the four things to keep in mind when planning your shoot day.

Make A Written Schedule

​​When planning a video shoot, it’s important to have a clear and detailed schedule. A written schedule ensures that everyone involved in the shoot knows exactly what is expected of them and when. 

This will help make the shoot day run more smoothly and efficiently, which will save you time and money.

When creating your schedule, be sure to include all of the key details such as the time, location, and duration of each segment of the shoot. 

For example, if you plan to shoot an interview with a company executive, make sure to include the time you expect them to arrive, the location where the interview will take place, and how much time you expect the interview to take.

We encourage our clients to work closely with us to create a written schedule that details the specifics of the day, so everyone is on the same page. This way, you can feel confident that your shoot day will be organized and efficient, and that we will capture all the footage we need to create a high-quality video for you.

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Quiet On Set

When it comes to filming a video, one of the most important things is maintaining a quiet set. Background noise can be extremely distracting and take away from the overall quality of the video. 

To avoid this, it is important to communicate to your team and anyone who will be on set that there will be a video shoot taking place. Make sure to emphasize the importance of minimizing noise and interruptions during the shoot.

Let your team know that the microphones we use for video can easily pick up background noise such as footsteps, slamming doors, loud voices, or conversations.

In addition to communicating the importance of a quiet set, there are other steps you can take to reduce background noise. Choose a location that is relatively quiet and has minimal foot traffic or outside noise. If possible, turn off any appliances or equipment that may create unnecessary noise. 

Another way to ensure a quiet set is to have a designated person in charge of keeping the set quiet. This person can help monitor background noise and make sure everyone is aware of the need to keep noise levels to a minimum. 

By taking these steps, you can help ensure that your video shoot runs smoothly and the final product is of the highest quality.

Get Your Talent Ahead Of Time

When it comes to selecting talent for your video shoot, it’s important to choose individuals who are not only a good fit for the project, but who are also reliable and professional. 

By getting your talent lined up ahead of time, you can avoid the stress and uncertainty that can come with last-minute scrambling to find someone suitable for the job.

In addition to selecting the right talent, it’s also important to provide them with clear direction and guidance throughout the production process. This can include briefing them on the goals and objectives of the project, outlining the specific shots and scenes that will be captured, and providing them with any necessary scripts or dialogue. 

By giving your talent the tools and information they need to succeed, you can help ensure that they are comfortable and confident on camera, which can translate into better performances and a more polished final product.

Another key consideration when selecting talent is their availability and scheduling. Be sure to communicate with potential candidates early on about the time commitment required for the shoot, and work with them to find a mutually agreeable schedule. 

This can help you avoid conflicts and last-minute cancellations, which can throw off your entire production timeline. By working closely with your talent and keeping open lines of communication, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page and that your shoot goes off without a hitch.

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When it comes to creating video content, it’s important to ensure that you have all the necessary permissions in place before you start filming. This includes making sure that you can film in all the locations you need to, and obtaining the appropriate release forms from any individuals who will be featured in your video.

By ensuring that you have the legal right to film in each location and have obtained the necessary photo release forms, you can avoid any potential legal issues down the line. These forms protect both you and the individuals in your video, ensuring that everyone is aware of how their image will be used and giving them the opportunity to provide their consent.

Without proper permission, you could be at risk of facing legal action or damaging your reputation. By taking the time to obtain the necessary permissions and release forms, you can create video content that is not only visually stunning but also legally compliant. So before you start shooting your next video project, make sure to prioritize obtaining the appropriate permissions and release forms to protect yourself, your team, and the individuals featured in your content.


By creating a written schedule, keeping the set quiet, getting your talent ahead of time, and ensuring all legalities are in place, you can set your project up for success.

Remember, a well-planned video shoot not only saves time and resources, but it also results in higher quality content. So, take the time to plan ahead and communicate effectively with your team to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that your vision is executed flawlessly.

By following these tips, it can help us produce a video that meets your expectations and exceeds your audience’s expectations. So, go ahead and start planning your next shoot with confidence, knowing that you have the knowledge and skills to make it a success. 

See you on shoot day!

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