Do I Need To Be In The Video For My Business? (Let’s Clear It Up)

by | Nov 10, 2022

Do I Need To Be In The Video For My Business?

Being a commercial video production company, we often get this question. The answer is quite simple, it depends.

It truly depends on the type of video you want to be produced and how comfortable you are on camera.

In most cases, it would be beneficial for you to be in the video but not necessary. The key factor is if you or someone else from your company can deliver the message authentically.

If you are the face of the company and your customers know and love you, then being in the video is a great idea.

But let’s dive deeper into all of the options you have for being in the video or not.

Option 1: You Deliver The Message

The first option is to be on camera and deliver the message yourself.

This could be a great idea if you are the face of your company or you want to show off your personality. Customers will be able to see that it’s really you and connect with you on a personal level.

If you’re not comfortable being on camera, that’s okay! Just know that it might take a few takes to get comfortable and nail the delivery.

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Option 2: Someone Else From Your Company Delivers The Message

If you have a team of people who can deliver the message just as well (or better) than you, then it might make sense for one of them to be in the video.

The benefit of this option is that it frees you up to do other things (like run the business) while someone else handles the video.

Like we said before, it really does depend on the video you want.

For example, if you want an internal training video for your business, it makes total sense to have other employees from your company in the video.

Option 3: No One From Your Company Is In The Video

In some cases, it might make more sense to not have anyone from your company in the video.

The type of video might not require having anyone in the video at all.

For example, if you’re selling a very technical product, it might be better to have a voiceover artist explain how it works while keeping the video solely focused on your product.

Option 4: We Hire Actors & Extras

It is pretty common for us to bring in actors and extras to produce a video for a business.

Depending on the type of talent you would like in your video, the prices vary.

This is a great option if you don’t want to be in the video or if you want to have a lot of people in your video without having to bring in all of your employees.

Option 5: Seek Out Volunteers & Friends

You would be surprised how many people would voluntarily be in a video for free.

You can put a call out to your friends, family, and even social media followers to be in the video.

Just make sure we can contact them to give them the details (location, time, what they need to bring, etc.) so that there are no surprises.

We have had to do this before when we need a lot of people for a particular video.


As you can see, there are a lot of options for having people in your video or not.

It really does depend on the type of video you want and what will work best for you and your company.

If you’re still not sure, feel free to reach out to us and we can help guide you in the right direction.


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