Simple, Easy Pricing.

Most video production companies hide their pricing and markup each project differently. You deserve to know up front about how we price our projects. The table below is the basics of our pricing, this does not include any unique factors your video might need.

While every video project is different in size and scope, our pricing is always based on a combination of day rates and hourly rates. The table above will give you a rough idea of our price so that you can be informed. Most videos we produce cost between $4,000-$20,000 while short-form content can be between $1,000-$4,000.

How our pricing works

Because of all the factors that affect the price of a video, it can be hard for clients to get an understanding of how much their video is going to cost without a sales meeting. For example, most people don’t know how many days their video will take to film or maybe they don’t know what to expect with post-production hours. That’s why most media production companies just give up on the idea, but not us. 

So, to understand more about how we price projects and how to guage your projects needs, you can scroll down to see how we break down the entire process.


How to estimate your video’s pre-production hours

We understand that most people won’t know how many pre-production hours their video will need. However, most videos we make have atleast 10 hours ($1000) of pre-production time.

For more complex videos such as advertisements or branded content, the pre-production time may extend to 20-40+ hours to ensure proper planning and execution.

Factors that affect pre-production time:

  • location scouting
  • complexity of video
  • talent required

Social Videos

~ 1-5 hours of pre-production

Explainer Videos

~ 10-20 hours of pre-production

Branded Videos

~ 20-40+ hours of pre-production


How to estimate your video’s shoot days

The number of shoot days your video will need will depend on a wide range of factors. As we mentioned, more complex videos will ultimately need more shoot days.

However, you can get a pretty good idea of the number of shoot days if you know these four things:

  • number of videos needed
  • number of different locations for video shoot
  • length of video(s)
  • type of video(s)

We do our best to be as efficient as possible when filming your video so that we can help limit the number of shoot days.

Video Ads

~ .5-2 shoot days

Explainer Videos

~ .5-1 shoot days

Branded Videos

~ 1-4+ shoot days


How to estimate your video’s post-production hours

After filming the video, there’s still work to be done to make it look great. For most of the videos we make, we spend at least 10 hours editing & completing your video, which costs around $1000.

During post-production, our team edits the footage, adds cool effects, and puts everything together to make your video great.

For more complex videos such as advertisements or branded content, the post-production time may extend to 20-40+ hours due to the nature of the video.

Internal Videos

~ 8-20 hours of post-production

Explainer Videos

~ 15-40 hours of post-production

Branded Videos

~ 40+ hours of post-production


Other Factors That Influence Cost

Now that you understand the basics of our pricing, here are some other common factors that can affect your video’s cost.

Travel Time

Outside of our service area, additional travel fees may apply.

Specialty Gear

If your video requires specialty gear i.e. cinema lenses, drones,  etc.. that can affect the cost of production.

Number of videos

If you are looking for more than one video,  it can actually lower the cost of each video.


A video that requires actors, voice overs, etc… can increase the cost.

Type of Video

Some types of videos are more affordable than others, learn more on our services page.

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