3 Uncommon Ways to Use Video for Your Business in 2022

by | Apr 12, 2022

It’s no secret that in 2022, video is the best way to communicate as a business. 

However, most businesses do only the bare minimum to use video in their marketing strategy… Why is that? 

Well, the truth is, that creating videos takes a lot of time, money, and effort. Most businesses tend to settle with an expensive brand video that hides somewhere on their website. There is nothing wrong with that – brand videos are really powerful for your business – but your video strategy can be so much more than that.

Let’s jump into three uncommon video strategies that your business can use!

1. Use Videos on Every Page of Your Website

I know, this sounds a bit extreme, right? Although having too many videos can cause your website to look messy and overwhelming, a lack of videos will make you miss out on many people eager to learn more about your business. Someone took the time to check out your website, make sure you give them the best experience possible.

There are so many benefits of having video on your website. For starters, these videos can improve your ranking on search engines. Using keywords in the video title, descriptions, and tags will help provide an additional SEO boost. Video is also great for humanizing your brand. It gives people the chance to interact with a person, which in the long run will make your brand more credible and trustworthy. And lastly, using video will make you stand out from your competition! Videos provide a better website experience and a better retention rate for viewers. This can make all the difference in the purchasing decision of a customer.

Now the question is…

When should you use video instead of an image, infographic, or just plain text?

Here are a couple of guidelines when deciding if you should embed a video on a web page. 

Videos make sense on your website when they:

  • Convey a lot of information fast and convenient
  • Help people engage with your content
  • Share information that is better face to face
  • Show off past work
  • Turn something boring and static into creative and interesting

A great example of this is testimonials. What do you think engages your audience more? Option 1: a written review of your business (that could technically be written by anyone). Option 2: a video of someone who gave an honest testimonial about how great your business is. The answer is definitely option 2!

2. Team Videos

Videos that highlight your team and employees are a great way to showcase your company culture. People like to know who they are working with. Just including short videos of your team can humanize your brand. This can also make your business more relatable to potential customers. These videos do not have to be fancy. A simple 15-30 second video would be more than enough!

Here is a short outline of what a quick and easy employee video looks like:

  • Name
  • How long you have been working at your company
  • Which company core value do you feel most strongly about
  • A couple of interesting facts about yourself

And just like that, you have a great video!

These short clips can live in many places for your business as well. The best location for these would definitely be on the about page of your company website. If someone is already curious about what your team looks like and they have the option to watch a couple of videos, why would they not? Another great place is social media. These videos are great for engagement and showing off new hires! Lastly, these clips can even live in your team’s email signatures. This idea is starting to get more and more common. Just imagine sending an email to a new lead and giving them a chance to know who you actually are. Give them a chance to see who they are talking to!

3. Add Video to Blog Posts

Most businesses use blog posts to increase their SEO and draw more traffic to their website. What if I told you there was a way to boost your rankings even more for these blogs? Adding video to your blog posts is the next step to increasing your SEO! Video helps send signals to search engines that your page or site contains rich media relevant to search requests. This could be all you need to start ranking higher than your competitors!

Including video in your posts also makes your content more engaging. When you give people the most value out of a blog post, they will begin to trust your brand and keep coming back to you for information. When you have multiple videos and blogs that relate to each other, you can cross-link them and funnel traffic around your website.

Some other benefits include optimizing your youtube channel and simply giving your website traffic a better overall experience.


It is time to start thinking of video as a marketing tool rather than entertainment. Although these types of videos are currently uncommon, more and more businesses are using these strategies every day!

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